3 Reasons to Invest in an Aluminum Garage Door



Although steel garage doors are a popular option today, you can still invest in an aluminum garage door and get almost similar or better service and results.

Just like steel, aluminum garage doors have numerous benefits, a reason more and more people are making the switch.

Outlined below are some of the advantages of investing in an aluminum garage door.

1. Security and Insulation

Aluminum is a far more superior material when it comes to insulation as compared to steel. Unlike steel, aluminum doors have double-skinned slats filled with foam that helps the materials ability to retain heat inside the garage, while repelling cold from the outside.

This therefore means lower heating bills acording to Valley Solar Pros. Aluminum also offers greater insulation for sound as compared to steel as well.

The double-skin also means aluminum doors are tougher and stronger than steel. Its strength is also reinforced by the guides used along the door line. These guides can be either 60mm or 90mm depending on the client’s preference. This thus keeps your garage protected against forced entry and high winds.

2. Space Saving

Aluminum doors are much lighter than those made of steel. This means its operating drum is small in size as well. This translates to less intrusion within the garage thus enabling you to make maximum use of the garage space. In addition to this, aluminum doors don’t make as much noise as steel ones do when opening and closing. Aluminum doors also close tightly sealing the spaces completely, with the curtains rolling off the drum completely. This allows the curtains to push against the lintel (on the inside) perfectly.

3. Adaptability

Aluminum garage doors are highly adaptable. You can have the door custom-designed to fit your preferences, style, and finish. With plenty of different-sized aluminum slats, you can have the door designed for the most awkward spaces and garages with larger doors. This makes it a wise pick for those with extra-large garage doors.

These are just but a few of the many advantages/benefits of aluminum garage doors to safely store your valuable belongings. You therefore do not necessarily have to invest in a steel door to get quality service. You only need to order a good quality garage door from a trusted supplier. Contact us at Right Quip Garage Doors for a quote.

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