Notice regarding Aluzinc doors

Dear valued customer,

A letter was sent 24/8/16 i.c.w “plastic on doors”

Therefore as a reminder and suggestion: A few of our Agents indicate on their invoices that the protective plastic is to be removed on installation or within two weeks after installation.  We advise you do the same.

The plastic covering on the garage doors serves two purposes: To prevent marking during the roll forming production and scuff marks during assembly.

Although the plastic can act as a protective covering during site construction as a temporary measure, this is not the intended purpose. The plastic must be removed within two weeks of installation.

If the plastic is not removed by the fitter on the day of installation and your client has requested that the plastic covering remains on the door, then the onus is on the customer to remove at their time and cost.

Failing to adhere to this can result in the plastic being scorched permanently onto the door due to weather conditions and it’s almost impossible to remove.

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